Living one day at a time.

Los Angeles. Springfield. Honolulu. Manila. Bangkok. San Diego. San Francisco. Life's a never ending quest; and I'm living it one day at a time.

Permalink Halloween Pimpin.
Permalink Almost home.
Permalink Vineyard mornings.
Permalink The Weeknd. (at Greek Theater)
Permalink Dinner. Deviled eggs w/ smoked salmon, steamed clam porridge, oysters, almond pastry w/ duck liver mousse, fried quail, uni pancake, rabbit in balsamic vinaigrette and octopus in tomato salsa. Content. (at State Bird Provisions)
Permalink Bomb ass Philly cheese steak and garlic fries.  (at Cheese Steak Shop)
Permalink Just received this package of epic happiness.
Permalink Oh city by the bay, you never fail to amaze me. Greatness condensed into 7x7. (at Noe Valley, San Francisco)
Permalink The peaks of SF.
Teatro Campoamor, Centro Habana, Cuba